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Design of the Quality Management for the HSE&Q integrated systems

di L. Bonechi, G. Carmignani, R. Mirandola  edito da Edizioni Plus - Universita' di Pisa

Episodes like the incident of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico remind us every time as the consequences of industrial activities always affect our lives, often in a decisive way. The Integrated Management Systems for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are the instruments with which a company not only limits its impact on the stakeholders but it can create added value for all of them. In the management of integrated systems trough the Quality are implemented the operative tools and the crucial activities on which also the management for the health, the environment and the safety are based. This text is a manual that helps the design of the operational aspects of the quality management in an HSE&Q integrated system, following step by step the instructions given by the fundamental guide in this field, the ISO 9001 standard.

Ingegneria gestionale 1576- Producti Realization Management Models for Quality and Integrated Systems which it was conceived and/or that it’s possible to consider for it. The validation process of a project should be carried out before creating the product, therefore “on paper”, before that the product or service reaches the hands of the internal customer or of the end user in the effective conditions of use. It should be better to avoid delegating to the internal/external customer the following unpleasant and nasty duties: • in the case of “internal customer” (or a supplier), check feasibility of the choices made by the designer, with the consequent disaster, in terms of time and therefore cost, caused by the frequent requests for changes related to feasibility difficulties or impediments of various kinds (in particular in the case of new products) due to design choices that are not shared or at least not duly discussed and shared; • in the case of external customers, assign to t...

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