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Transplant Nursing: current practice, future challenges

di F.Filipponi, S.De Geest, C.L.Russell, P.De Simone  edito da Edizioni Plus - Universita' di Pisa

Transplant nursing has mirrored the evolution of transplantation. However, despite the increase in donation and transplantation in Italy over the last few years, much still remains to be done to further improve the standards and practice of transplant nursing. These proceedings of the international symposium Transplant Nursing: current practice, future challenges held in Florence, Italy, on June 18 & 19 2009 are meant to disseminate the lessons learned in Florence and focus on the role and scope of action of transplant nurses; on advanced practice nursing in transplantation; on adherence in transplant populations, and on the educational initiatives to be taken at a local, national and international level to further improve the current patterns of practice.

Proceedings of the International Symposium 37 Dobbels F, De Bleser L, Dupont L, Nevens F, Vanhaecke J, De Geest S. Medication Adherence Enhancing Strategies in Transplantation - the MAESTRO-study. University Hospitals of Leuven, Belgium 2008. 38 Denhaerynck K, Manhaeve D, Dobbels F, Garzoni D, Nolte C, De Geest S. Prevalence and consequences of nonadherence to hemodialysis regimens. Am J Crit Care 2007;16(3):222-35 (quiz 236). 39 Dobbels F, Vanhaecke J, Desmyttere A, Dupont L, Nevens F, De Geest S. Prevalence and correlates of self-reported pretransplant nonadherence with medication in heart, liver, and lung transplant candidates. Transplantation 2005;79(11):1588-95. 40 Dobbels F, Vanhaecke J, Dupont L, Nevens F, Verleden G, Pirenne J, et al. Pretransplant predictors of posttransplant adherence and clinical outcome: an evidence base for pretransplant psychosocial outcome. Transplantation 2009 (in press). 41 Dobbels F, Vanhaecke J, Nevens F, Dupont L, Verleden G, Van Hees D, et al. L...

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