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Crossing Time and Space

di C. Dente, S. Soncini (Ed. 2008 - Pagg. 132)  edito da Edizioni Plus - Universita' di Pisa

As a transfer across languages, media, and cultures, translation always happens in time and space. In Europe, translation has played a crucial role in the building and dissemination of Shakespeare’s myth and popularity during the past four centuries, ensuring its afterlife in each national canon of Continental literature. Through translation, local cultures have developed a process of remembrance and forgetfulness, comparing and contrasting Shakespearean motifs and national identities in dialectical forms that have made cultural identity itself a constant negotiation. With essays by Carla Dente (Pisa), Manfred Pfister (Berlin) Rui Carvalho Homem (Oporto), Ángel-Luis Pujante (Murcia), Sara Soncini (Pisa), Mariangela Tempera (Ferrara), Mariacristina Cavecchi (Milan) and Ton Hoenselaars (Utrecht), this volume accounts for a fascinatingly complex web of intertextual/international relations, while at the same time witnessing to and interrogating the increasingly global status of Shakespeare and its impact upon the construction of cultural identities in the New Europe.

Manfred Pfister (My gaze, as sweet as it is angry/evil, is possessed by itself,) (1b) mein wort, so mächtig, gross gesetzt, von sich besessen, (My word, so mighty, writ large, possessed by itself,) And all my soul, and all my every part; (2a) fesselt mich ganz, mit haut und haar in eignem sinn; (fetters me entirely, completely in/to its own sense/meaning;) (2b) umschlingt mich ganz, mit haut und haar, im eignen sinn; (embraces me entirely, completely, in its own meaning;) And for this sin there is no remedy, (3a) kein kraut gegen dies giften wächst, wie macht vermessen (there grows no medicinal herb against such poisoning/anger: how arrogant) (3b) kein kraut gegen die blüte wächst, wie süss vermessen (there grows no medicinal herb against such blossoming: how sweetly bold) It is so grounded inward in my heart. (4a) mein fleck mich, blind, da ich, was blendet, selber bin. (does my spot make me, how blind, for what blinds me is my self.) (4b) sich meine zunge spaltet, zweifach gepflan... continua

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