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di A. Salvini, A.J.W. Andersen (Ed. 2011 Pagg. 300)  edito da Edizioni Plus - Universita' di Pisa

This book is a collection of scientific papers which, in various ways, highlight questions concerning interactions, health and community, as conceptualized by a group of scholar and health and social professionals from Italy and Norway, that have experienced several occasions of intellectual and practical exchanges and encounters. The reader will certainly find, inside the book, extremely interesting insights having to do with those processes aimed at improving health and wellbeing within different social contexts, the meaning of social research – in its broadest sense – in the field of marginality, human and social suffering, the ways and the form through which local communities can mobilize to become pro-active actors in the process of construction of social welfare. This book, as remembered in the Preface, is situated within the creative tradition of community among distances that confirm the persistence of a European culture beyond the borders, theoretical and practical, greatly superior to the limiting formal national contexts.

which have for some decades characterized what it means to be a social worker, and which are today at an elevated risk of being lost. REFERENCES Applegate J.S., Bonovitz J.M., Il Rapporto che aiuta. Tecniche Winnicottiane nel servizio sociale, Roma, Astrolabio, 1999. Bateson G., Verso un’ecologia della mente, Milano, Adelphi, 1976. Bion W., Cogitations, Roma, Armando, 1996. Bowlby J. [1988], Una base sicura, Milano, Raffaello Cortina, 1989. Cecchin G. , Lane G., W.A. Ray, Verità e pregiudizi, Milano, Raffaello Cortina, 1997. Cirillo S., Cipolloni V., L’assistente sociale ruba i bambini?, Milano, Raffaello Cortina, 1995. Ghezzi D., Vadilonga F. (a cura di), La Tutela del minore, Milano, Raffaello Cortina, 1996. Lerma M., Metodi e tecniche del servizio sociale, Roma, Astrolabio, 1992. Mazza R, Il processo d’aiuto nel Servizio Sociale, Lucca, Pacini Fazzi, 1992. Id., I modi della storia, in Toscano M.A. (a cura di), Introduzione al servizio sociale, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 1996. Selvini ... continua

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