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A Short History of the University of Pisa

di R. P. Coppini (Ed. 2010 Pagg. 124)  edito da Edizioni Plus - Universita' di Pisa

This volume covers the main events in the history of the University of Pisa from its foundation in 1343. From the rule of the Medici family to the rule of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine and from the Kingdom of Italy to the Republic, the University has seen numerous important figures who have impacted on the evolution of scientific thought in Italy and in Europe. This Short History also highlights the importance of the relation between the city and the University, which has played a crucial role in Pisan life since its origin. Moreover, a determined and conscious participation on the part of the student body, starting with the battles of Curtatone and Montanara, has contributed to placing the University at the centre of important historical events and changes within Italian society.

July was the crucial month for the final reorganization of the university: on the 31st a decree restored the two university seats of Pisa and Siena with their original faculties. Moreover the decree explicitly stressed the need for “significant enlargements to the university system, especially in those faculties linked to the various branches of public service.” The reborn university seemed to aim primarily at training new civil servants, who ceased to be submissive to the dynastical, grand-ducal rule and were able to “adapt to the varied political conditions in Tuscany and to the overall progress of science and culture.” A new “Giorgini reform” lay ahead but this time the obligation to the monarch became less important while the relations with a public organization which was all the more sympathetic to the needs of an economically structured society became prominent. In the intentions of the Temporary Government, Pisa had the task of preserving the image of a region which had contr...

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