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Hydraulic Structures

di Stefano Pagliara  edito da Edizioni Plus - Universita' di Pisa

These are the proceedings of the 2nd International Junior Researcher and Engineer Workshop on Hydraulic structures (IJREWHS’08) organized by the Hydraulic structures section of the IAHR (International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Researcher). It follows the successful one held in Portugal in 2006. The main themes of the workshop were: river structures; hydraulic of dams; urban drainage structures; bridge scours; labyrinth weirs; stepped spillways; hydraulic jump; air-water flow; fishways and block ramps. All the papers have been presented by young researchers and engineers. Authors are from 18 different countries involving 5 continents. This workshop gave the unique opportunity to young engineers and researchers to present, chair sessions and prepare reports. The proceedings contain 31 papers reviewed by experienced researchers.

particles 4 was 30°. The section-averaged critical velocity for the initiation of motion of isolated sediment particles was obtained from the Hjulström diagram (Zanke 2002), resulting Ucr = 0.648 m/s Figure 1. Experimental set-up The inflow was controlled by a magnetic inductive discharge flow-meter and regulated by an electronic inlet valve. The flow depth was adjusted by a tailgate and controlled by ultrasonic distance sensors (UDS) with a precision of ± 0.50 mm. The approaching flow velocity-profile was measured with an acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV). A laser distance sensor (LDS) which was installed inside the pier was used to measure the scour hole radius (i.e. the distance between the pier centerline and the scour hole surface at different elevations and directions, Figure 2). The laser distance sensor has a measurement range of 0.65 m and a precision of ±0.30 mm. The sensor was driven in the vertical direction by a step-motor with a precision of ±1/50 mm allowing the...

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