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di G. Alpa, A. Mariani Marini (Ed. 2009 Pagg. 176)  edito da Edizioni Plus - Universita' di Pisa

Lawyers of twenty-five European Union and Mediterranean Countries meeting in Rome to discuss and compare the initial and continuing training of lawyers, the presence of eminent representatives of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) and the approval of a final declaration on the training of lawyers constitute an event of extraordinary importance for the European legal profession. The twenty-five attending delegations of European bars approved a declaration that illustrates the lawyer’s identity in the current European society with highly innovative information in a perspective that goes far beyond the specific issue of training. The Declaration reiterated that the lawyer, guarantor of justice, of the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, must deliver high levels of quality and professional ethic and mandatory forms of initial and continuous training are necessary to achieve them. This is also the condition to protect the independence of the legal profession, its function in the general interest and to counter the prevalence of market rules on the specificity and the public relevance of the legal profession. These are statements of considerable importance in a period marked by the trend towards privatization of the legal duties of public interest and the use of economic and market rules as guidelines for society as opposed to the values of the person and of the fundamental freedoms set in the constitutions and by international conventions.

TRAINING OF LAWYERS IN EUROPE 163 – anbefale at det oppfordres til møter mellom lærere i de ulike landene i EU for å fremme overføring og utveksling av erfaringer om innholdet i og metodene for opplæring av den europeiske advokaten – forplikte CCBE til å støtte opplæringstiltaket som gjennomføres av hvert advokat?rma, og til å anerkjenne prinsippene for yrkesetikk og samfunnsansvar som er felles for de som utøver den juridiske profesjonen i Europa, som grunnlaget for den europeiske advokatens identitet Roma, 8. november 2008 Erklæring godkjent på konferansen Opplæring av advokater i Europa, holdt i Roma den 6., 7. og 8. noember 2008.

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